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Chand Bagh School

The Chand Bagh School is a school in Muridke, Pakistan. It is a fully residential boarding school located around 40 km (25 miles) from the city of Lahore on the Muridke-Sheikhupura road. Established in 1998, it is a private all boys educational institution run on a non-profit basis. The school is the first project of the Chand Bagh Foundation.

The school is regarded as a premier preparatory school and offers students sports and extracurricular activities. It provides education from classes 6 to 13 and its curriculum is geared towards preparing students for the University of Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level, Advanced Subsidiary Level, and Advanced Level examinations.

The Chand Bagh School is spread over an area of 460 acres (including the surrounding 270 acres (1.1 km2) of Chand Bagh Farms). The school is situated on the Sheikhupura-Muridke Road; accessible from the motorway or the G.T. Road.
Chand Bagh School is a fully residential school. Boys reside in eight spacious and beautifully designed Houses. In each House the Housemaster provides the paternal care. He looks after and administers all matters of the House assisted by the House Matron and House Boy. Both Housemasters and the Matrons have their residence within the House which ensures their presence round the clock in the House. They maintain a close interaction with the students to make them feel at home. A House Tutorial Team facilitates supervised study within the House as a part of daily routine. There is also a Senior House Tutor who is responsible to look after in the absence of the Housemaster. All Houses have independent kitchens and dining halls. The students dine in their respective dining halls along with Housemasters/Matrons. There is a lounge in each House where students watch TV as well as play indoor games.

Chand Bagh Research & Development Centre

Chand Bagh Research & Development Centre is intending to publish the memories and recollections of old & current CBStians (Teachers and Students).You are invited to pen down whatever you can recall during your stay in Chand Bagh School and send a copy to "".
These recollections can range from the idiosyncrasies of your fellow CBStians and the way that amused you, sports fixtures and tournaments, different events held at CBS, early days at CBS, et cetera .
The intended book will be a source of permanent pleasure and tremendous history of memorable moments. These memories will be published in Urdu and English Languages.
Hand written Urdu articles may be sent to the following postal address:
Associate Coordinator.
Research & Development Centre
Chand Bagh School Sheikhupura Road.

Alumni are requested to provide the following data as well which will be published in another book: "Alumni of Chand Bagh School"

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Research & Development Centre

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